Friday, 21 September 2012

Publishing et al

A current update:

I've started collating into one document, which is currently being stored over at Occult Moon, who should be helping me get this thing published soon.

The current page count (which is still needing a bunch of additions, never mind some editing) stands at 24. I'm hoping it'll be around 30-35 before we get art into the product.

Hopefully I can make a bit of a buzz about this thing before we get to there. The setting is currently rules neutral, so I'll be dropping some updates about system conversion on here, as well as in a document or two for free. Hopefully people will enjoy that.
The current line-up is DnDNext, FATE, my own DiceBenedict system, and others subject to time restrictions and whether I can feasibly do it!

Any ideas for systems you think should be in for consideration?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A touch of local flavour

I've been considering some elements for immersion in the setting. Here's some stuff I've thought of, food-wise.

I already know that Kingsmead itself is a bit odd. They keep long haired rabbits the size of dogs, providing food and material for clothing. I know they make goats cheese and cider, and a lot of flatbread. And savoury porridge. I seem to recall adding that.

Queenstown though, I haven't considered as much. It's a port town, so fish must be a big feature. I've talked about the Queenstown Ruby, which is the kind of beer brewed in the city.
So maybe they make Ruby Stew, with saltfish, onions and carrots. The port itself is a haven for small squid, and the Seawitches have a habit of spit roasting it with chunks of ginger.
Pepper-crusted chicken is also popular, thanks to the imports across the Spice Sea.
The nobles of course eat all kinds of odd concoctions, and the golden roe of a boonfish is particularly prized.

Raethmoore is even more different, trading with the Republic further north. They eat a lot of wild onions and garlic, but also a lot of mint and sage. There's plenty of game in the area, and more than a few goatherds.
I think, since the town sits in the hills, a fortifying drink on an evening is likely. A minted pheasant stew served with a hard cheese, or a dry sausage made from goat flank, crabapples and moongrass.

The Darklings in the Southern Swampland eat a lot of tubers and other root vegetables, coupled with fungus of all kinds. The local fish swim in brackish pools, but there's a few small mammals that can be stewed easily. During a certain time of year, before the puffballs spore, there's plenty of the ripe white balls being eaten by the various tribes.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

It's all coming together

Quick time news burst!

Stonekin (dwarves) removed from the setting (for now)!
Wildfolk (leafy elves) now do even more, with feathers too!
Crowfolk and Ratfolk removed from the game! Partly folded into Darklings (swampy elves).
Draken and Wyvings renamed - now two colours of Lizardfolk!
Wode renamed Beastfolk (though the Wode will be an example tribe name).

Trying my best to describe roughly each area of Queenstown and the Old Crown, with little snippets of names for flavour to hook onto adventures.
Kingsmead is now a sample town, replete with plot hooks and secrets and fiddly bits. There will be something similar for the Outwall area of Queenstown.

Everything else is just rumour, hearsay, and nuggets of fun so that someone can take what I've given them and craft their own world.

Partially inspired by Zak's post here, I want people to have fun in my setting, but make it their own. That's why I'm leaving so many blanks.
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