Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Essential updates

Because updating my other blog wasn't enough for the awesome week of Indie+, I'm also making some form of progress here.

I'm currently storing all the information I've written so far in a design doc on Google Drive, which I think has really helped, since it's now off the custom wiki I had been using. I can see where my gaps are and what to move on to next.

Sadly, the thing now looks so riddled with holes that I don't have a sizeable chunk to show you. But that will come by the end of the week, I am confident.
I've already talked plenty about different races in the setting, and the geography, and some NPCs I've used in playtests, as well as some examples of the pantheon of ascendants. Is there anything people are excited to see in the setting? More on some outlines of history and legend, some more on various races, or should i drop some secrets that abound in and around the areas I've already mentioned?

Please feel free to push in any direction, I will try and oblige.

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